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Suwada Nail Nipper New Soft (Nail Clipper)

This new nail nipper has a unique rubber handle which is less slippery and this is made specially for the people who has a weak grip strength.
It comes with a special case.

This model was developed based on a large number of requests from customers, including people with weak grips or dry hands and nursing care workers. Responding to their needs, it features gently curved, palm-friendly, easy-to-grip ergonomic elastomer resin handles with Anti-Slip properties. We have taken our pursuit of excellence in usability and cutting quality to a new level with this new model.

Material : High-Carbon Stainless Steel

100% made in Japan

Wouldn't think of using of anything else anymore!!

1.Our nail nipper is the best cutting quality of most budget nippers and leaves a smooth edge
that means no filing necessary.

2.Our unique nail-fitting curve maximizes safety and ease of use even for tough nails and ingrown nails.

3.The cutting quality of our nail nipper last for a long time because of the high strength steel by forging.

4.Our nail nipper can be used for thick nails because of widely opened blade by use of cylinder spring.

5.The sharp blade makes it possible for cutting without effort.

One size only.
£ 77.00
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