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Suwada Knob Cutter (L)072030/172035 , (S)072050/172065

This cutter removes knobs by means of a spherical cut,thereby encouraging a good of the wood.
It comes with a box.

Material : High-Carbon Steel

100% made in Japan

Suwada Blacksmith Works, Inc. manufactures bonsai cutters and other tools of the highest quality.
All products are 100% crafted in Japan.
Just like Japanese swords, the ouststanding beauty and sharpness of our products stems from the combination of the highest level of craft and selected materials.
£ 53.00
Item No.
L : 072030/172035 , S : 072050/172065
Postage & Packing
zone1 £5
zone2 £11
zone3 £15